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Data Privacy


Thank you very much for visiting our website. We value your privacy when visiting our site. Please be advised that we use personal data that you may enter solely for the purpose of processing of your possible request or inquiry and no other purposes. Your data is not passed to any third party.

Our website usually works without the need of entering any personal data (e.g. name, address or e-mail address). If and insofar we should nevertheless ask for personal data, we strive to keep this on a discretionary basis. Corresponding data is only will not be passed to any third party unless explicitly and in advance authorized by you.

Please be advised that any data transfer via the internet (e.g. when communicating via e-mail) may bear security risks. An airtight protection against any and all possible access – risks posed by third parties is not possible.

We explicitly interdict any and all use of our communication facilities for unauthorized marketing, commercials or other content. We explicitly reserve the right to file charges and to take all other legal steps deemed necessary or helpful to pursue any violation e.g. in the case of spamming.

Intellectual Property

Any and all content of our website underlies the protection as our intellectual property under German IP laws. Any and all duplication, alteration, distribution as well as any other kind of use apart explicit and in advance written authorization under our copyright is illegal. Any and all downloads or other duplications such as copies of our content is illegal unless authorized by us in writing and in advance. Insofar our content is derived from third parties, e.g. service providers, the copy rights of others are nevertheless respected. Should you become aware of a violation we would appreciate a heads-up. In the case of contradictions with the intellectual property of others, we are committed to remove such content as soon as possible.

External links

For your optimal information, you will find some links that point to third party sites (“external links”). If not per se obvious, we will point to the fact that it is an external link. As these external links lead to third party websites, we do not have any way to influence the content provided there. Consequently, this data protection declaration does not apply in this case.